The Best Heat Pump Reviews

heat pump 009Within many options of certain product available to buy there must also be so many reviews about them. It is true that many people will always try to find the reviews of things they are about to but first. This is also the case with the matter of heat pump. There are many brands to choose with some of them are considered to be the best by some reviews based on some respondents’ opinion. Among the best brands is Lennox that offers 3 categories namely Merit Series, Elite Series, and Signature Collection. Back in 2012 and 2013 Lennox was the one with Energy Star Most Efficient Heat Pump award. That thing is contributed by the SunSource technology to cut down the electricity bill by adding sun power into it.

Another one of the options within the best heat pump reviews check at heatpumpdivas  is the one brand called York. One good thing so start when talking about this brand is that there have been some major projects involving this brand. Kremlin of Moscow, Sydney Opera House, and also Paris Pompidou Center are among the facilities where this York brand has handled the installation of the heat pump. In term of the noise, this brand has a barely noticeable sound thanks to the use of gas muffler and sound blanket.

One last option is the Goodman that is actually the second largest HVAC system manufacturer in the US. Quality control is really strict at this company resulting in premium grade products with affordable price. The average cost of the Goodman products is only $1,400 which could still go up to reach $3,600 with some more extra parts and also labor works. Moreover the SEER rating ranges from 13 to 18 which are considerably good for this brand. So, which one of those brands that you prefer to have?