Rheem Heat Pump – Is It Good For You?

rheem heat pump 23That is the question you must have right now. Well, Rheem is one of the oldest HVAC companies in the market. From the experience, you should not ask. They are good in both air conditioner and heat pump. Rheem offers the best choice from the finest heat pumps with top quality material and the latest technology inside. It has dependable performance and also great warranties as what you can expect including fore the excellent service and also support. No wonder if the company can proudly show their heat pumps products. Their products can be listed with three groups.

There will be RPRL and RPQL models for Rheem heat pump more on heatpumpcritique.com in Prestige class. For Classic class, you will see RPNL and RPQL models. For Rheem Value Class, there are 13PJL model, 13PJP model, 14PJM model and 15PJL model. You are better to read the reviews of each class or model. Based on the reviews of the customers, you will find mix reviews either positive or negative. The efficiency rating is not yet clear but the company officially published that their heat pump has 17 SEER rating and 9/5 HSPF rating. It means they have Energy Star rating. But, their ratings are certified by a company called AHRI since Rheem is a member of that company. So, whatever the efficiency rating, it will be under AHRI certification.

Overall, Rheem may have heat pump that can run with quiet sound. Therefore, if you install the heat pump near the window of your bedroom, it will not disturb you even when it is in deck or patio. The cabinet of the heat pump is also durable. The longevity is above average as it is rated 7 from 0 to 10. There are many customers who give excellent satisfaction rating from the product, proper installation and the service. You are good to read more reviews about the heat pump from Rheem you want to buy.