Double Shower Head Designs and Benefits

Double shower headA double Shower head is the newest innovation of shower head that has double- functions. It is regarded as the efficient shower appliance since it is completed two heads. Two heads will produce two water current in the different direction, that’s why bathing with double shower head requires few times than using single shower head. In this modern era, the type of Double Shower head is also various. Buying a new shower head depend on your need.

Functions and Colors

In term of colors, Double Shower head comes into variant colors like gold, black, silver, glass, ceramic etc. This is true that most of them are designed from rust resistant and really adaptable to the temperature. Cool medium till high water temperature can flow well through the double shower heads. Beside that, be sure that you choose the suitable color to suit your bathroom decoration. For example, if your bathroom decoration is glamour, having gold colored double shower head can make your bathroom looks perfect. For general décor, silver is common opt. It brings more natural water splashing with the same pressure. As mentioned above, having shower heads also help you to bath quicker because the water are splashed evenly around your body. Making your body doesn’t feel comfortable using this appliance, enjoy your bathing every time!


Double Shower heads and type hand held shower heads have some innovations to make you wow. One of the unique design of Double Shower head is whirled double shower. It is generated with sensor and robotic term, so that it can rotate clockwise to help you bathing quicker. This is very comfortable to use and the speed can be set as well. Some of them are also completed with sensors, where make this appliance works only while you are using it, just stand under the shower head, it turns on automatically. Meanwhile, if you leave the shower area, this double shower will automatically turns off.

This is really amazing, even some of apartments even use this technology to satisfy any customers. Then, for the color, automatic shower heads usually come in chrome or silver colors, and features rust- resistant so that it is really safe to use. Double Shower heads with flashlight is also available. It is one of popular type of Double Shower heads many couples love to. A couple can spend their romantic bathing in the bathroom with the sense of lighting on showers. This is so impressive features.